Volunteers are the heart of the SNAP Organization!!

Student Mentors

Student volunteers are a key component of the Coastal SNAP Program.   The relationships formed between Coastal SNAP participants and student volunteers, both on the field and in the community, are what make Coastal SNAP a successful, enriching experience for all involved:​


Key Responsibilities:

  • Support for participants

  • Showing athlete how to complete drills

  • Helping the athlete during directions or group drills

  • Promoting fun and fitness

  • Modeling pro-social skills and behaviors

  • Being a buddy to the athlete


Time Commitment:

8 weeks, one hour per week on the weekend


Support: Training on this volunteer position will be provided. Coaches will oversee all practices.


Dress Code: Athletic wear


The Coach serves as the leader of the group sport. The Coach is responsible for creating drills for the designated sport, providing support to the Mentors, and including the athletes.  


Key Responsibilities:

  • Creation of drills for practices

  • Teaching and supporting the athletes through the drills

  • Promoting fun and fitness

  • Modeling pro-social skills and behaviors

  • Communicating with parents, participants & mentors

  • Monitor behaviors to ensure safety and inclusion of all


Time Commitment:

Per 6 to 8 week session:

1 hour per week on the weekend

1 hour per week to create drills

2 meetings; one at the beginning of season and one at the close to end of 8 week session.


Each Coach is required to complete a CORI background check. Coaches will not be permitted to work with the organization unless he/she passes the CORI check.


We welcome community members to volunteer at Coastal SNAP programs in a number of ways:

  • checking participants in

  • providing information, support and a friendly face to families of participants

We welcome community volunteers to help with fundraising and sponsorship's in a number of ways:

  • selling tickets

  • publicity

  • seeking sponsorship's, donations

  • set up and clean up


We will be compiling a database of community volunteers, so please click on the link box above to complete a volunteer sign up form. Please check your email and our website regularly as this is how we will communicate volunteer opportunities.